Mosquito & Tick



Norman Pest Mosquito and Tick Spraying Service

  • We eliminate common breeding sites
  • Complete yard preparation before every spray
  • Organic spray treatment or Insecticide treatment

Since Safety is our # 1 Priority, we will email you a house prep sheet before spraying.
We will always pick up toys and pet food dishes around the yard and put them in a safe environment before any spraying.

We eliminate potential mosquito habitats in and around your home. We spray in areas that are safe to your home, family and pets.

Click here to download our customer safety sheet which shows how homeowners can keep environmentally safe.


  • Mosquitoes can be a serious health hazard transmitting a variety of diseases including West Nile Virus & Triple E
  • Ticks can cause Lyme Disease

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When they come swarming you best call Norman!